MacLeod Contracting Services Ltd.
MacLeod Contracting Services Ltd.

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Public Utility Locating

We locate for major infrastructure owners to accurately and reliably prevent damages to their assets and mitigate harm to workers.

For a public locate, please submit a locate request through the Ontario One Call website.

For business inquiries from utility owners or locate service providers, please contact

Private Utility Locating

Public locates only cover the assets from the service mains up to the demarcation point of your home, usually the hydro meter or other utility access points (however this is not always the case).

Private locates are required to find any underground assets on your own property or work site past this point such as hydro, gas, telecom, sewer laterals etc.

Call today to get a private locate completed on your property or job site!

On-site markings and locate sheets are provided.

Public/Private Locate Verification/Consulting

We can consult on verifying existing public or private locates to ensure accuracy and make sure that nothing was missed, preventing damages of assets and giving you peace of mind while working.

We provide this service to homeowners, commercial clients, contractors, and utility owners.

Utility Maintenance

  • Replace Utility Pedestals/FTGs
  • Repair/Splice Cable Lines
  • Pedestal Interior Equipment Rebuilds

Cable / Satellite TV or Internet Repair and Maintenance

We repair, replace, or add new cable or satellite tv/internet lines to your residence.

This is helpful when an existing cable has been damaged, you want an upgraded cable size, or you want to add additional tv's or devices in your home.